My Philosophy towards furntiture making

A skilled furniture maker even makes his own tools How does a project begin? Usually I'm recommended,or previous work has been seen somewhere and liked. A telephone call,an e-mail or a fax message establishes contact and a first appointment can be made.My experience has shown that the initial meeting is important to establish a good rapport and understanding between the customer and the craftsman. A first tentative try is embarked upon to specify a clients needs and/or wants. This planning process can stretch over a period of time depending on the size and complexity of the work involved. Where needed, sketches or drawings are made to simplify the planning process and for client approval. Drawings are important to show clearly,size and dimensions and to help visualize the finished piece of furniture.As the planning proceeds, details of the projected time,materials, construction, hardware, surface finishing and delivery are finalised. At the end of this process an accurate quotation for the projected work can be made.I always ask my customers to make a down payment in advance, the balance to be paid when the project is finished.